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Honda CRF 250 2008 bedst i test

honda_crf_250_2008Honda CRF 250 2008 blev kåret til den bedste 250 4-takter af det amerikanske blad RacerX.

Her kan du læse testen på engelsk.

Overall, this bike felt the best in all categories. It rode smooth and handled the chop nicely. It had the best usable power and pulled through all the gears. I had an easier time coming out of the sandy turns in the power band and it revved out nicely with crisp throttle response. It's a comfy ride and everything feels to be in the right place. It also has a good feeling in the air. I preferred the steering dampener in the stock setting (7). I tried at four clicks (stiffer), but it slowed the turning reaction down in the tight sandy berms and I ended up standing up and riding higher in the berm. It comes into the turn well, but didn't stick as well as the KXF. I had problems with the rear tire tracking in a clean arc; it washed out on me a few times.

The biggest reason this is the best bike is because of the motor. It is so much stronger than any other bike. It hit harder, had more torque and the over-rev was as good as any other bike. The suspension lagged a little bit on this bike. It went down into the stroke a bit and packed. It was also a little harsh initially. The combination of those two characteristics made it just an average-handling bike. Still, this is the best overall package.

This motor felt the strongest of all the bikes. The brakes are great and the suspension felt like it worked better the harder you rode it. It seems like it is set up for a faster rider. The bike is really neutral and comfortable to ride. You didn’t have to work hard to make it turn at all. I didn’t have any major complaints about the Honda.

The Honda is the best bike, hands down. It felt like it was in a different class. It is light, stable and really fast. The new stabilizer is really cool. I messed with it quite a bit and found that I like it in different places depending on the track. It’s a cool feature. The one thing I didn’t like is that it kicked me a little bit. I could feel the seat hitting me in the ass in a few places. The ergonomics are great and it is a good-looking bike.

The Honda is the best bike. It is fast and had the best handling. It corners really well. The suspension is a little stiff for a slower rider, but it is perfect for an intermediate or pro rider. With a little suspension work it would be fine for anyone. The stabilizer wasn’t that noticeable. The engine worked well, though. I was comfortable with the power in all the gear around the track. It was the easiest to ride.

This bike did everything well. The motor was strong, and after working with the clickers, I got the suspension working well. The clickers were very sensitive. The Honda forced me to change my body position more than the Kawasaki. The Honda just wasn’t quite as comfortable.

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